Placebo capsules

Our Hypno-Placebo tablets are made from an inert micro crystalline cellulose filling.  Each container has 30 capsules.

In this study it was found that colour plays an important part in the efficacy of placebos:

The studies on perceived action of coloured drugs showed that red, yellow, and orange are associated with a stimulant effect, while blue and green are related to a tranquillising effect.

Again this study reports:

Blue pills, contrary to what Breaking Bad may have you believe, act best as sedatives. Red and orange are stimulants. Cheery yellows make the most effective antidepressants, while green reduces anxiety and white soothes pain.

Take 1 capsule 2 times per day or as suggested by you medical practitioner.

When you purchase our Hypno-placebo tablets we will send you a link to our Hypno-placebo download. You may, if you wish, use this guided meditation to augment the placebo effect of the capsule.

For more about the placebo effect:

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