Life Coaching

The majority of people spend their lives on autopilot, following a prescribed path without interrogating what they really want. They graduate school, get a degree, find employment and a place to live, and settle into the momentum of their life.

It’s a good idea to stand back from the day to day activities and ask yourself some basic questions:

  • Is this what I want to do to earn money?
  • What do I want out of my relationships?
  • How do I relate to other people and how do they see me?
  • Why do I continue with bad habits?

Often people come in for issues such as anxiety, depression or self confidence, but when these issues have been dealt with there are basic questions still remaining. Life coaching is about looking at the assumptions we make in order to open the door to you becoming the person you want to be.

Some more specific questions to ask yourself. It may be worth spending some time to think about these:

  • What do you most want in your life right now? What’s missing in your life that you could add to make it complete?
  • What would it take to look back on your life without regret? What are the goals and achievements, in your personal or professional life, that you feel you need to accomplish in order to get what you want from this one shot at life we all get?
  • If life were “as good as it gets”—what’s there? If your job were “as good as it gets”—what’s there?
  • How do you want the world to be different because of you (big and/or small ways)? What do you want to leave for others after you are gone?
  • How do you spend your time? Does this correspond with your priorities and values? In other words, are you spending your time on the things that are most important to you?
  • Are you spiritual or not and what are your assumptions regarding this?

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Hypnotherapy & Life coaching – the perfect combination.

  • Introductory program:
  • 1 X 1½ hour one-on-one session
  • 3 X 1 hour one-on-one sessions
  • 2 phone calls
  • To get the tools to change your life.
  • Advanced program:
  • 1 X 1½ hour one-on-one session
  • 7 X 1 hour one-on-one sessions
  • 5 phone calls
  • For those who want to tap into their fullest potential.

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