Corporate Lifeline Program

Companies, from the small ones with a few employees up to multi-national corporations, can have issues which are similar to the issues that individuals get, but of course the fallout from these issues is usually very different from how they manifest in individuals.

We understand the issues that companies have and can help you address them. Here are some examples from previous workshops we have done:

  • Stop smoking program for all employees.
    The company pays half and the employer pays half. Enquire for our rates and how this works.
  • Team building and motivation.
    Within a company tensions build up between employees and within groups. These tensions can wreck projects and dampen efficiency. Using hypnotherapy and conversational hypnosis techniques we can change the dynamics within a group.
  • Problem solving.
    Companies can become moribund and innovations becomes stifled. This is related to left- and right-brain thinking. We can trigger changes in outlook within the company.

We call this our “Corporate Lifeline Program”.

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