Hypnosis For Sleep Melbourne

One of the most common problems that people face is getting a good nights sleep! Whether it be the inability to get to sleep or difficulty in staying asleep. At any one time the problem probably affects around 30% of the population. Sleep issues can be roughly divided into two:

  • Problems caused by outside factors, for instance excessive noise, uncomfortable surroundings, shift work etc.
  • Other problems, usually caused by an excessively active mind.

Most doctors will prescribe a sleeping tablet for sleep disorders. There are a number of problems with sleeping tablets:

The sleep tends to lack REM (dream type) sleep. REM sleep has proved beneficial for learning. You may not notice lacking it directly but you will find that your ability to adapt to new situations is diminished.

You will rarely wake up feeling refreshed. Some people say that they never really feel fully awake when taking sleeping pills. Some sleeping pills have dangerous side effects. For instance The TGA issued a warning for Stilnox:

  • The updated warning released by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) now mentions less common side-effects as “rage reactions, worsened insomnia, confusion, agitation, hallucinations and other forms of unwanted behaviour”.
  • It also warns of “sleep walking, driving motor vehicles, preparing and eating food, making phone calls or having sexual intercourse” while asleep and on the drug.
  • “People experiencing these effects have had no memory of the events,” the warning states.

Hypnotherapy is a natural way to aid sleep. People who come to hypnotherapy invariably report better sleep afterwards, even if that was not the reason for coming. Because of these reports about the benefits of hypnosis for sleep, Melbourne residents should seriously consider call us up today on 1300 221 273.

One of the main issues causing sleep problems is an over-active mind. When you lie in bed the thoughts come to the fore and these are invariably negative thoughts. Imagining the worse-case situations. Using a combination of mindfulness techniques and hypnosis for sleep, Melbourne clients may get a whole new lease on life with better sleep patterns.

Using Mindfulness you will find it very easy to get into a relaxed state. We say that you can’t try to get to sleep – it’s a case of getting into a state where, as it were, sleep catches up with you. Reaching this state may be made easier through hypnosis for sleep. Melbourne residents, don’t wait to improve your sleeping – book an appointment today.

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