Life Counselling Melbourne

If you’re feeling directionless or in need of someone to talk to, the life counselling Melbourne residents can find a Philip Braham Hypnotherapy can offer a great way to vocalise and get insight into your life.

With 10 years in the business, Philip Braham has the experience to offer advice on how to stop stumbling through life and start living how you want to with life counselling. Melbourne-based, it’s easy to book an appointment with us – just call today on 1300 221 273.

Whether it’s problems with smoking, relationships, anxiety, depression, phobias or sleep, these can all impact your ability to deal with life – and our holistic approach to life counselling gives Melbourne clients solutions for all of these in a broad and comprehensive way.

Simply by asking the questions – is this what you want to do for money, why do you continue bad habits, are you fulfilled in your relationships – Philip Braham and his team can help facilitate you coming to your own point of realisation and enlightenment through life counselling. Melbourne’s many suburbs can all count on Philip Braham Hypnotherapy for quality results in all facets of life, wellbeing and happiness.

Join up for life counselling with Philip Braham – see our great programs below.

Hypnotherapy & Life Counselling in Melbourne – the perfect combination.

Introductory program:

1 X 1½ hour one-on-one session

3 X 1 hour one-on-one sessions

2 phone calls

To get the tools to change your life.

Advanced program:

1 X 1½ hour one-on-one session

7 X 1 hour one-on-one sessions

5 phone calls

For those who want to tap into their fullest potential.