Gender Dysphoria and Transgender Issues

If you, one of your children or other another family member or friend has an issue with gender identity, call us. Gender issues are very complicated and cover a range from transvestism to full gender dysphoria. Coping with these issues especially as parents can be traumatic.

Many children with gender dysphoria feel there is no alternative than to fully transition into the opposite gender. It’s as if there was a mistake at birth and it needs to be rectified by hormones and an operation. Ultimately, the process is designed to reconcile the psychological gender with the physical gender. How effective this is varies greatly from person to person. Sometimes the person feels complete and lives their life out contentedly, sometimes they are suicidal and there’s every variation in between.

Counselling and hypnotherapy is useful, and one might even say essential, at every stage of the process: ensuring that the person would benefit from living life as the opposite gender; enabling the transition and dealing with issues that arise afterwards.


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