Welcome to my blog where I’ll be writing about the things that matter – our thoughts and mindset.

It could be said that everything in the world comes from the mind. All inventions start with an idea which is then seen through to development. How many people get ideas – often good ones – that never come to fruition because of an inability to see things through? Thoughts can give rise to constructive (or destructive) ideas, can lead to depression, anxiety or suicide, or they can lead to happiness and even euphoria.

For most people (if not everyone) these things are more important than the latest technology. Most of what people occupy themselves with is aimed at controlling their thoughts. People distract themselves with music, movies or drugs. A surfer described to me the euphoria of ‘catching the wave’. It’s a transitory feeling. The hours spent buying equipment, talking and reading about surfing, travelling to the surf and waiting for the right wave are aimed at that feeling. How would it be to have that feeling all the time? To be on a permanent high.

When we control our mind we control our world and in order to control our mind we must understand it. This is why the ancient Greeks in their temples had the inscription:

Know Thyself